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Tyrone Havnar with farm students in class

Vulnerable Children's plight to Equal Educational opportunities  

A Sure Visit to create a Trust Fund for rural, marginalized and disabled children in Africa.

Sponsor a child
This journey is self sponsored, but you can sponsor a child as I have a huge beneficiary database. Get in touch if you need to know your recipient. 


The Great African Exposure Visit is an educational research journey that is also dedicated to providing marginalized children in Africa with the opportunity to pursue their dreams. Many of these children have little to no access to experiential learning opportunities, including workshops linked to their desired career paths. This is where YOU and me come in.


By working with local communities and organizations, we can provide the resources and support necessary to help these children achieve their goals. We believe that every child deserves to have their dreams heard and nurtured. Through my journey from Zimbabwe, Zambia and now South Africa, all I see are children with dreams that must be realized and youth who only wish they had been afforded an opportunity to break away from their constraints and become visionaries.

Your donation will be matched with these worthy beneficiaries. Take time and donate any amount, and send one individual or more to school or a life transforming workshop. 

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